Launceston v Liskeard

C&D Post March 31st 1894
By "Forward"

Under present conditions it seems almost a farce to write about football. In such delightful weather as we have just experienced for our holiday, football seems out of place, and no doubt we have pretty well seen the last of it for this season. Cup ties are over; Easter is past and with it goes football.
Still there is something important to record this week. The Sunlight Cup has become the possession of Launceston, whilst the County Cup has gone as I predicted to Camborne.
The game which decided the former came off in beautiful weather and before a large crowd at Pennygillam on Thursday of last week. The teams competing were Launceston, representing the East and Liskeard, representing the West. It is needless to give a detailed account of the match, which resulted in a victory for Launceston by three to nil. Throughout, the victors pressed their opponents and gave the defence a warm time of it. The goals were notched by Chambers who played, according to my idea, the best game on the ground, Langman and Smendon, whilst all the home team greatly helped to make the result so pleasing to Launcestonians. For the losers Volk, Poett and Hamley played a plucky game.
At the conclusion, the company adjourned to witness the presentation of the cup from the balcony of the Kings Arms Hotel. Great enthusiasm prevailed and when Dr W Thompson, holding the trophy to his to his head, Captain Gee and the Captain of the Liskeard team stepped on to the platform a ringing cheer was raised.
Dr W Thompson in making the presentation, said he regretted he had the honour of presenting the cup on account of the absence of Mrs M. Body, who as they were aware was unable to present it. It was with a feeling of great pleasure, however, that he took her place. He was sure she would have been delighted to have done so had she known that Launceston was going to win the Sunlight Cup, with a three to nil. Launceston had played a good game-they had played a better game that day than they did in the county match last year. (Cheers). They had two shots for that county cup- they wanted one shot more and they would see it at Launceston. (Cheers) Launceston must not be discouraged. It was only by a fluke that they did not appear in the final this year. (Cheers). However they were thrown out and they must bear their loss with good grace. It was a great pleasure to him that they kept the Sunlight Cup in Launceston, because it was owing to their Captain Mr Gee (hear, hear), that they had the Cup to play for ("Good old Gee"). Those who saw the game that afternoon must have been struck with the good play of Launceston men. They played a plucky game. (Cheers). But he was bound to own that their opponents were worthy of their steel. They played well. (Hear, hear). But he advised them to play better in the County Cup this year, but anyhow, Launceston would win it next. (Applause) He had the greatest pleasure in presenting to Mr Gee, as Captain of the club, the Sunlight Cup (Cheers). He had piloted his men well and had what no other captain could have done. (Applause).
He obtained the cup in the first place and had won it in the last. (Three cheers)
Capt. Gee said they had done their utmost to win it, and they had won it. Launceston had plated five matches inconnection with the cup and they had won them all (Cheers). They had kicked 5 goals and had no goals kicked against them. (Cheers). As the vice-president had told them, it was by a fluke that they were out of the county. He congratulated Launceston as a town that the cup had remained in the town. (Cheers)
Three cheers were given for Launceston, after which Capt Gee said Messrs Lever Bros the givers of the cup had said that each member of the team should be presented with a badge. So that night he should send to Lever Bros, "Launceston have won the cup" (Cheers) Capt Gee having called for three more cheers for Liskeard the company dispersed.

Launceston 3-0 Liskeard

Chambers, Langman, Smendon