Dingle, Heath....................................................Toulson,Own goal
Langford, White

Attendance: 1,200

Stoke Climsland football team only formed a few seasons ago, and within a few miles of Launceston, has had a remarkable wind-up to a successful season, for last Saturday at Liskeard they won the Isaac Foot Shield and on Monday they returned home with the Launceston and District League Cup and also the Launceston and District Knock-out Competition Cup. The former they hold for being champions of the League while for the latter they defeated Lifton argyle in a great struggle at Launceston last Monday evening. All records for the ground regarding attendance were broken, there being about 1,200 spectators, including a large number of the fair sex. Mr G.H Oke of Launceston whistled out the teams as follows:-

Stoke: Geake, Pridham, A.Geake, Rundle, Rev Andrews, Mill, Cowling, Dingle, Langford, Heath, White.

Lifton: Gloyn, F.Walters, Bevan, Bradshaw, Fd. Walters, Dennis, Howard, Bovington, Brimacombe, Toulson, Benny.

Bevan beat Langford in the spin and elected to play down the slope with the wind in their favour and Stoke facing a strong sun. With these advantages the Argylites had the better of the opening play and after about five minutes Toulson gave them the lead with an easy goal, Geake letting the ball slip between his legs. The Magpies now found their feet and were the more polished side, but their equalising goal came in the nature of a penalty which was taken by Dingle. Play was fast and interesting with Stoke showing by far the better football, but Lifton regained the lead in a somewhat surprising fashion, Geake, Stoke's left back heading into his own goal. The Argylites now assailed the Stoke goal, but the latter's defence served them well, and Cowling, who had previously missed a glorious chance of equalising, atoned later by sending in a perfect centre for Heath to equalise. The Stoke forwards were combining well and just before half-time Langford scored a fine goal to give them a well-deserved lead.
Half time Stoke 3; Lifton 2.

Stoke were soon hammering at the Lifton goal, but the Red and Green's defence defended stoutly, Gloyn especially distinguishing himself with some very fine saves. Brimacombe, the Lifton centre, broke away on occasions, but he was badly supported. Later, a fine combined movement by the Stoke forwards resulted in White scoring the finest goal of the match. The end came with Lifton a well beaten side by 4-2.
At the conclusion of the game Langford the captain of Stoke was carried shoulder high to the grandstand where he was to receive the cups from the Mayor.

Mr J.G.Dingle (Chairman of the League) asking the Mayor to present the cups and said they would all agree that they had had a really splendid exhibition of football. The Launceston and District League was formed to encourage football in the villages, and those who had struggled behind the scenes were delighted that the season had ended so brilliantly. He hoped that league next year would be extended and made more entertaining. (Hear, hear)
The Mayor (Mr W.Barriball) in presenting the cups to Langford, Stoke's captain congratulated Stoke upon such a clean fight. They all, including the Lifton players agreed that the better team had won. He also congratulated Lifton on their admirable play. Of course he would have been more than delighted to have presented the cup to a Launceston team. He was sure that such a clean healthy game of football played in such a spirit as they had just witnessed would do much to brighten life in the countryside. The Mayor then amidst great cheering handed the cups to Langford.
The two cups were for the top position in the League and the other for winning the knock-out competition.
Langford in his modesty hesitated to reply, and immediately there were cries for the 'Sporting Parson' (Rev Andrews) who said he congratulated Lifton on their display and also thanked those who had run the league.
Both teams were then accorded hearty cheers as was the Mayor for presenting the cups.