S.Rogers(2), Clarke(2)...................Lucas, Dingle

Before a crowd of over one thousand spectators the game at Hurdon on Thursday ended in a win for the Comrades.
It was a great game in which neither side displayed the skill they had shown in previous contests. The players were apparently at least during the first half intoxicated with the tremendous enthusiasm that prevailed among their various supporters along the touch line.
At half time, Stoke who had been playing with the high wind as their ally led by one goal by Lucas and but for hesitancy on the part of their forwards three more might easily have been added. Early in the second half Stoke notched No2, through Dingle. The wind which had been a tremendous advantage to Stoke in the first half abated now, so that the four goals which came to Tavistock in quick succession were indeed worked for. From the moment that Tavistock had scored their first goal Stoke lost their hold on the game-why it cannot be explained- but there was an evident sign of increasing weakness among their defence. It appears too as it is their invariable custom- the Devon men came back and when once they got in their stride, Stoke's defence was powerless against their rushing attacks.
Raddall, Stoke's goalie made some remarkable saves and the sun low on the horizon made matters at times very difficult for him.
Stoke's centre half, Rev. Andrews was undoubtedly the coolest man on the field, he was unaffected from start to finish by any excitement and was the soul of Stoke's defence. Heath and for Stoke and Rogers for Tavistock were the cleverest forwards. Heaths dainty and accurate passes were pretty while Rogers powerful swing shot and centres from the right were responsible for the success of his team. It was on the whole a most exhilarating match with the minimum of interruptions from the whistle, and good sportsmanship was the keynote.
The teams were: STOKE CLIMSLAND : Raddall; Geake; Crouch; Mill; Rev Andrews: Rundle; White; Heath; Dingle; Lucas; Cowling.
TAVISTOCK : Rogers; Friendship; Stenlake; Wilson; Metters; Southgate; Goad; Kay; Clark; Stenlake; Rogers.
At the close of the game his worship the Mayor Mr H.Hoskins presented the cup and medals to the winning team also medals to Stoke Climsland. Cheers were called by both captains.
The final betweethe above teams took place at Launceston last evening and resulted in a win for Tavistock by 4 goals\ to 2. The cup was presented to the winning team by the Mayor of Launceston.
Stoke Climsland led fifteen minutes from time by two goals the Comrades then scored four goals S. Rogers (2) and Clarke (2) were the scorers for the winners.