Stoke Climsland 1-0 Lifton Argyle

1926 FINAL
Attendance 1,200
Lifton Argyle beaten

There is no doubt that the strength of the Lifton Argyle Football 'chain' lay in their goalie-Stone-on Thursday evening last week when Lifton Argyle and Stoke Climsland came to grips in the cup Final of the Launceston & District Knock-Out competition for had it not been for his wonderful display between the sticks, I am afraid the rest of the 'chain' would have snapped on several occasions. As it was however, Stoke Climsland could only notch one goal but that goal put paid to Liftonians chances of winning the coveted trophy.
Although Lifton were outclassed regards the football displayed they never gave up their hopes, but it was quite evident from the commencement of the game that Stoke Climsland were the far superior side and thoroughly deserved their win. Lifton on the other hand owe a great deal of debt to Stone for saving them from what might otherwise have been a very heavy defeat, his coolness under heavy pressure bring applause from the lips of the 1,200 spectators who privileged to witness this great attraction between these two clubs. For Stoke every man played a sound game, Raddall the Stoke goalie had very little to do only having two or three shots to deal with. Everyone agrees even the Argylites themselves- that the better team won, and after all, it is no disgrace to any team to lose to the better side. The game was fought out in very sporting spirit which is credit to both teams.
Stoke Climsland are to be congratulated on their high efficiency and their perfect understanding, and if they continue in the way they are going cannot fail-sooner or later- to win the Cornwall Junior Cup, in which they have done exceptionally well, during the past season. Anyhow one and all will wish them the best of luck.

The teams were Lifton: Stone, Pring, Walters, May, Wroth, Pratt, Bovington, Vosper, Hill, Parish, Parsons.

Stoke Climsland: Raddall, Lucas, Geake, Pridham, Rev Andrews, Mill, H. Oliver, W.Lucas, Cowling, Heath and White.

From the kick off Stoke Climsland immediately got through and tested Stone who brought off a marvellous save. Lifton took the leather to the other end and Parish was robbed by Lucas when in the act of shooting. A foul taken by May for Lifton caused excitement for a moment or two, but the Stoke defence was not to be easily beaten,. The Stoke team were playing as one man and they set up a bombardment on the Lifton goal, Stone being in the limelight with his marvellous saves from all angles and it seemed as if he could not be beaten. One effort by the Stoke outside right struck the bottom of the upright with terrific force, Stoke were easily having the best of the game, but they could not Pring relieved the situation for Lifton and sent to Vosper, who after a splendid run had the hard luck of seeing the ball taken off his toe by Rev. Andrews, Lifton forced an abortive corner. Stoke came again and a foul against their centre forward saw Lucas miss the spot kick, Stone bringing off a grand clearance. Another foul against Lifton just outside the penalty area failed. Stoke were not to be denied and a slip by Vosper saw Cowling slip through the defence and with a lightning drive score the only goal of the match amidst wild excitement from the spectators. This was all the scoring in this half, and the whistle sounded with Stoke still pressing. Lifton Argyle 0: Stoke 1

Lifton rearranged their team in the second half and things began to liven up, Stoke were the first to become aggressive and Stone was early in action. Lifton took the leather to the other end and Hill had hard lines, Raddall clearing while on the ground. In the next ten minutes Lifton took up the attack Vosper got away on the right and sent in a splendid centre which Parish received on the run, sending a lightning drive inches wide of the mark with Raddall hopelessly beaten. This effort by Lifton was really the only one that deserved a better fate, although they made several vain attempts. On the other hand Stoke carried all before them- with the exception of beating Stone- and tome came with Stoke pressing and the Argylites defending stubbornly.
Result Lifton, 0 : Stoke Climsland, 1 A large crowd immediately after the game congregated in front of the grandstand for the presentation of the cups and medals which was performed by Mr C. Raddall.

"I am sure we are all agreed that we have had a wonderful match" said Mr J.G. Dingle (chairman of the committee) " and it is not in least disparaging to the other 21 players to say that the Lifton goalkeeper has been absolutely supreme" (Cheers).
Mr Raddall remarked that Mr Dingle together with Messrs E. Finnemore, F. W. Blank and other well know gentlemen had done much to encourage junior football in connection with the Launceston and District League which had met with unqualified success. The crowd that evening was probably a record, although on two or three occasions there had been attendances of almost similar proportions. Whilst such work was being done to foster village football, interest in the amateur game generally was being maintained. To him the match they had just witnessed was far greater than any of the professional encounters at Home Park, Plymouth and more important than the cup final at the Stadium simply because they were doing something locally to uphold the traditions of amateur football.
"The man who plays for the love of the game is the man I am going to support to the very last" said Mr Raddall, with emphasis. Speaking of the Stoke team, he thought it could be said in all fairness that they had played a sporting and perfect game-(cheers) - and Lifton had been sportsmen to a man. (Renewed cheers). Whilst Stoke had emerged victors yet Lifton had put up a grand show against them for it took two sides to make such a fine game as had been produced.
The cup and medals were handed to the Stoke captain (H. Mill) amidst much enthusiasm.
After an insistent demand –Stone- the hero of the game- was brought shoulder high to the front and after prolonged applause had subsided was congratulated on his display before receiving the medals on behalf of the Argyle team.
Stoke reserves secured pride of place in the Launceston and District League and the cup and medals, which went with this distinction, were handed to G. Dingle (the captain). Launceston Juniors (through H. Horwood, captain) also received medals as runners up.
Launceston Town Band gave splendid renderings before the match and during the half time interval.
1925-26 SEASON
Preliminary Rd
Tavistock Comrades 0-3 Lifton Argyle
First Rd
Egloskerry v Chilsworthy
St Dominick v Ashwater
Stoke Climsland 3-2 Tavistock Bannerwell Blues
Launceston Juniors 2-4 Lifton Argyle
Semi Final
Chilsworthy 1-3 Stoke Climsland
Lifton Argyle 2-1 St Dominick

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