This seasons Launceston and District Knock-out Cup final has been one of the best in the history of the competition. On Thursday, last week, the finalists, Newport villa and Chilsworthy, met at Hurdon and played a drawn game no goals being Owing to the fact that the season ended on the following Saturday the replay had to be fixed up immediately, and consequently the teams met again at Hurdon on Friday. On this occasion Chilsworthy won the cup after a very strenuous game by one goal to nil.
The teams were evenly matched in both games and on Friday many thought that a drawn game would have been a better indication of the run of play. During the first half there is no doubt that Chilsworthy were the better side but on the change of ends the Villa were superior and play was centred in front of the Chilsworthy goal very frequently. However, taking both games and weighing them up unbiasedly I think that Chilsworthy were slightly the better team, but only very slightly. Their forwards were a little freer in their movements whereas the Newport attack was inclined to be cramped.
The all important goal was in the form of a penalty for handling during the first half, Burleigh scoring.
Mills took a little time to shake off nervousness but he dealt with many shots very capably whilst the backs in front of him were fairly safe. Spear was again in the picture with some fine work but was hardly as sure in his kicking as on the previous night. Roseveare, although not displaying polished football was sound. The Villa halves were somewhat better than their opponents and Jewell took the place of Davey (injured) did not let his side down by any means Barriball and Pike were really outstanding and in the second half the Chilsworthy forwards made little headway against them. Of the forwards the inside men were the most effective but the line was disjointed at times.
For Chilsworthy the defence was really good Pridham and Dodd at full backs were being particularly safe. The forwards were lively during the opening half but in the closing period they were rarely superior to the opposing halves and defence.
NEWPORT. - Mills (Gk): Spear, Roseveare: Jewell, Barriball, Pike; Poore, Hicks (A), Lawry, Hicks (H) and Blythe
CHILSWORTHY._ Blight (C): Pridham, Dodd, Burleigh, Wilton, Allan: Rogers, S.Pridham, Coombe, W Pengelly, A.Way
Referee. - Mr Stevens.
The Presentation of the Cups
The eagerness of the Chilsworthy supporters was such that as soon as the final whistle was blown, they swarmed the pitch and enthusiastically escorted their team to the grandstand where the presentation of the cup was to take place The Newport supporters however, although on the losing side were not behind in giving their team great oration.
The president of the competition (Mr Horace Kittow) presented the cup and medals which were in the form of silver spoons) and he was introduced to the crowd by Mr J. G Dingle (chairman of the committee) who said they had taken a good deal of trouble to get the league together because they wished to cultivate football in the surrounding villages. That had always been their aim. Mr Kittow presenting the trophy and silver spoons and speaking for the Newport team, said they had enjoyed the last two games and they appreciated the good sporting spirit of Chilsworthy (applause) They naturally would have liked to retain the cup in Launceston, but they were hoping next season to do so They were very glad to see the that teams had returned to the league after a lapse of some seasons. He referred to the semi-finalists: they were glad to see that Lifton were again prominent. They appreciated very much the work of the officers of the league and secretaries for working out the league tables so well and made it so successful. The referee also had looked after the two games in very satisfactorily. He had given justice to the players and satisfaction to the spectators. He congratulated the winners and also the losers, because they had to remember the losers took a very prominent part.
The captain of the Chilsworthy team was greeted with loud cheering when he received the from the hands of the president who at this point, expressed hope that the Chilsworthy player injured who was injured, in the previous game would have a speedy recovery.