1934 LAUNCESTON K.O CUP Final (Replay after 4-4)


Burley, Own Goal................Clark
Friday 4th May 1934......... Attendance 1,200




A defender racing across the goalmouth to make a desperate attempt to clear a dangerous situation had the bad luck of scoring in his own goal, and deciding the fate of his team.

This incident occurred in the final of the Launceston and District Cup, played at Hurdon, Launceston on Friday when Chilsworthy met Pensilva for the second time to decide the winners of the trophy Chilsworthy eventually winning by two goals to one.

It was very disappointing for Pensilva who had fought so hard for the coveted trophy to lose it in this way, but they fought back with dogged determination and excitement ran high, characteristic of cup final matches, among the 1,200 spectators present when thrill followed thrill, as first one team and then the other were on the verge of scoring, but each time their efforts were foiled by stalwart defenders.

Although the defence felt some anxious moments, Chilsworthy always appeared to have something in hand. They never wasted any opportunities and played throughout with sound confidence. The forwards in particular played with surety and their lusty backs were ever a tower of strength. Pensilva were a little more rash in their movements, although they played very clever football, but the fast pace set was evident in the closing stages of the match. One of their weaknesses was the right winger who did not lift his centres and ought to have sent them across first time before he was tackled by the Chilsworthy defenders. He threw away many openings with his weak centres.

Both teams were a little shaky at the start, and defenders of both sides made uncertain clearances. Pensilva were the first to open the scoring, which reflected again the skilful football the forwards played. The movement originated from the inside left, who headed the ball into the goalmouth, where Clarke, who was waiting neatly trapped the ball, and although he hesitated quite long enough before shooting, sent a low shot into the corner of the net, which was just missed by Matthews, who dived flat in his attempt to save. Pensilva were still dominating the game, and Matthews was forced to throw the ball out to one of his backs to clear during a scrimmage in front of goal. Clarke heading a brilliant shot just a little outside the upright was the outcome of another clever movement on the part of the Pensilva forwards. Chilsworthy forwards were well marked by the Pensilva half-line who left nothing to chance, but in their eagerness in defending they conceded a penalty. Burley, who took the spot kick, sent a very weak shot outside the upright. On the run of the game in the first half Pensilva were worthy of their one goal lead.

After the resumption Chilsworthy were pressing and Pensilva were forced on the defensive. They were swing the ball in front of goal, and even their backs ventured up to the half way line. Pensilva could not get the ball away, and the players were clustered in front of the goalmouth, when a half- hearted clearance fell to Burleigh, Chilsworthy's right-half. He trapped the ball and with a steady drive from about 15 yards out scored a beautiful goal which curled in and entered the top corner of the net.

With the scores level vigorous play ensued, Pensilva raced to their opponents in order to prevent any break-away. Chilsworthy were gradually obtaining the upper hand, however and Pensilva's defenders had a tremendous amount of hard work to do. Trehane saved a certain goal when he leapt across the goalmouth to save a header from Pengelly, and Brooks saved many an ugly situation with his steady clearances. But somehow Pensilva forward line could not penetrate the stubborn defence put up by Dodd and Reynolds who returned the ball to the other end time and time again with their lusty clearances.

This enabled Chilsworthy forwards to keep Pensilva's defence on the run, and when a stray pass came across the goal with the Chilsworthy forwards endeavouring to score, it was a sorry plight indeed that one of Pensilva's defenders who raced across to clear should have scored in his own goal about twenty minutes before the end to give Chilsworthy the lead. Although Pensilva fought on bravely they were fighting a losing battle and once more the Launceston and District Cup fell to Chilsworthy.
The cup was presented by a member of the Cornwall County Football Association, Mr E. Baker of Lawhitton.

PENSILVA: Trehane, Brooks, Lawrey (P), Horrell, Doney, Snell, Harris, Warne, Clark, Lawrey (J), Webb
CHILSWORTHY: Matthews, Dodd, Reynolds, E. Burley, Rodger, Allen, Honey, Pethick, G.Burleigh, Pengelly, Sullivan
Referee: Mr C. J. Pound (Plymouth)

Launceston Cup final


Pethick(2) Pengelly, Burley........................J. Lawrey(3), Webb

Semi- Finals
Launceston 1-4 Chilsworthy
Pensilva 1-0 Camelford