Moorswater Launceston Cup 1937 Winners

Back: L.P. Dawe, C.Wainwright, P.Saunders, L.Pearce, F.Richards W.H. Mitchell, H.Dawe
Middle: L.Scantlebury, W.Dawe, I.Rogers
Front: G.O Cowling, A.Hobbs, J.P. Bidgood, W.Clarke, R.Harper
Inset: H.Stevens, J.Pink

Due to mounting debts the Liskeard Football Club disbanded in 1935. This left Liskeard Rugby Club and Moorswater as joint tenenats of Lux Park, Moorswater keeping football alive in the Liskeard borough during the period up until the outbreak of the War and until Liskeard reformed after the Second World War in 1946. They are pictured here with the Liskeard & Ditrict Shield

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