T.Wearing, G. Dingle(2) .......................Gilbert
These two teams provided one of the best post-war finals of the Launceston and District Knock-out Cup on Thursday and victory went to the better side.
Stoke adopted more open and direct methods in contrast to the close passing of the Pensilva team, which the Stoke defence with R. Forbes at centre half in good form easily broke up. With the wind in their favour and the sun at their backs, Pensilva did the bulk of the attacking, but Stoke opened the scoring with a splendid goal. Wearing with a fine turn of speed ran in to meet a centre from the left wing and he had the ball into the net in a flash. Following several well placed corners Pensilva drew level with a goal by Gilbert.
Play deteriorated in the second half with Stoke dominating the exchanges and G. Dingle put them in the lead. He later made the issue practically safe when he chased a loose ball, just prevented from going over the dead ball line and screwed it into the net. The Pensilva centre-half played a great game for his side.
The cup was presented to the Stoke captain by Mr Shaw who last year received it as captain of the Metherell team and who is now vice-president of the League.