RULE 8 Registration and Qualification of Players


Rules for Season 2022-23
Please remember that this is a competition for players who play at below Step 7 and no players can play unless they have NOT played Step 7 (or above) football for 28 days.
Step 6 & 7 leagues as defined by the CCFA are:
Step 6 SW Peninsula League
Step 7 St Piran League or Devon League (equivalent)

Qualification of Players
Any bona fide member of a club shall be eligible to play for that Club in this Competition (subject to other relevant clauses in these Rules) provided he has not, in the current season, played for another Club in the Competition, or previously signed for, or been registered for another Club in this Competition.

If he has so played or remains on the Competition register of players, permission for his transfer must be obtained from the Club to which he is attached (see clause I)

(b) For the purpose of this competition a bona fide playing member of a club is one who being in all respects eligible, has:

(1) Signed a fully and correctly completed registration form in ink, witnessed by a second person and who has been registered with the Secretary 3 days prior to playing and whose completed registration counterfoil has been received by the Club prior to his playing.

(2) Prior to playing. signed a fully and correctly completed registration form in ink witnessed by the Referee and such form has been submitted to the Competition secretary within 3 days subsequent to the match in which he played. Having so played . the player shall not play again until the Club is in possession of his completed registration counterfoil.

(c)i) A team shall not include any player who has taken part in 5 or more Step 7 or above Competition matches during the current season

Players can be re-instated to play in the Launceston & District K.O Cup Competion, IF they have not played a Step 7 (or above) competitive match for 28 days

(c)ii) A team may include players who have played less than five Competitive Step 7 (or above) games for OTHER clubs, provided that those games were NOT played after 31st August in the current season.

(d) A player having taken part in matches for any Club affiliated to any County Association shall not be allowed to join, be transferred to, or sign for a club in the Competition without first proving to the officials of his intended Club in that he has discharged his reasonable financial liabilities to his previous Club or Clubs, and a Club official may not accept such player's signature without first ascertaining whether or members they shall be empowered to award the game to its opponents such claims have been discharged to the satisfaction of the Club or Clubs for which he last played.

(e) Registration forms shall be obtained from the Competition secretary.

(f) The Management Committee shall decide all registration disputes.

In the event of a player signing a registration form or having a registration submitted for more than one club, priority of registration shall decide for which club he shall be registered and the Competition secretary shall notify the Club last applying to register the player of the fact of the previous registration.

(g) It shall be deemed misconduct for a player to:

(1) Sign for more than one Club in the Competition in the same season without first being transferred.

(2) Having signed for one Club in the Competition sign for another club in the Competition in that season except for the purpose of transfer.

(3) Submit a signed registration form for registration that he has wilfully neglected to accurately or fully complete.

(h) The Management Committee shall have the power to accept the registration of any player and to refuse, cancel or suspend the registration of any player they consider guilty of registration irregularities or any conduct they deem undesirable and to disqualify the player in question from participation in any or all games in the Competition and/or may fine or otherwise deal with the player at their discretion (subject to Rule 15).

(i) A player desiring to transfer from one club to another shall submit an application to the Secretary accompanied by a fee of 2. Such application shall be referred to the Competition Secretary to the Club for which the player is registered. Should the Club object to the transfer it should state its objections, in writing to the Competition secretary and to the player concerned,, within seven days of receipt of the application. Upon receipt of the Club's consent, or upon its failure to give written objection within seven days, the Competition's secretary may, on behalf of the Council transfer the player and he shall be deemed eligible to play for his new club from such date.

In the event of an objection to a transfer, the matter shall be referred to the Management Committee for a decision.

(j) A player may not be registered for a club nor transferred to another Club after 31st March.

(k) A Club shall keep a list of the players it registers and a record of the games in which they have played and shall produce such records upon demand by the Management Committee.

(1) A register containing the names of all members registered for each club, with date of registration shall be kept by the Competition secretary and shall be open to the inspection of any duly appointed Members Club representative at all Council meetings or at other times mutually arranged by the Competition Secretary.

(m) A player shall not be eligible to play for a team in any SPECIAL championship deciding match unless he has played 2 games for that team in this league or cup in the current season unless under special circumstances.

(n) Any team playing an unregistered or otherwise ineligible player or players shall be fined 5 per player and disqualified from the competition. (All disputes refer to Rule 8 (g))